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Gotta Have Gospel - Gotta Have Gospel 1

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  • 01.06.2004 Utgivelsesňr
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Gotta Have Gospel

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Dobbel CD: One of the most striking facets of GOTTA HAVE GOSPEL! is how it demonstrates what a big tent the world of gospel is in its ability to encompass a wide variety of music united by the subject matter of faith and love of God. Spiritual chanteuse Yolanda Adams eases into the ballad ┤I┤m Gonna Be Ready,┤ Kirk Franklin gives a contemporary spin to an old-fashioned revival on ┤Hosanna,┤ and female duo Mary Mary pours So So Def-like beats and harmonies into ┤Dance Dance Dance┤ and a remix of ┤Wanna Praise You.┤ The Winans, the first family of gospel, are, of course, represented by way of CeCe┤s chugging workout ┤Anybody Wanna Pray┤ and sister Vickie┤s equally uplifting and classical music-flavored ┤Mighty God Medley.┤ Other famous names making their mark on this two-disc set are the legendary Shirley Caesar, Donnie McClurkin, T.D. Jakes, and Dottie Peoples. A blessed added treat is a bonus DVD featuring performances by Byron Cage, the Colorado Mass Choir, Kirk Franklin, Dorinda Clark-Cole, and Mary Mary.

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