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The Gadfly - LPG

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  • 15.08.2003 Utgivelsesr
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The Gadfly

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LPG, comprised of two members of the Tunnel Rats crew, Dax and Jurny Big, are about as legendary as Christian hip-hop artists get. Known as battle rappers, or rappers who compete by freestyling against others, who go well behind enemy lines into territories that most Christians would never dare, Dax and Jurny are also among the most controversial Christian rappers on the scene.The Gadfly finds the duo stirring up listeners out of complacent faith and forcing them to gaze upon their own mediocrity. A clever intro explains the albums concept: just like the gadfly that irritates cattle into movement that keeps them alive, so culture needs an irritant to stir us back to the truth.LPGs raps are so throw-caution-to-the-wind that they are likely to offend some, but I think thats kind of the point. Thats what a gadfly does: it agitates you, in order to make you change. LPG seeks to wake you up, stir you up, and change your way of life. On The Gadfly, this duo is firing with both barrels fully loaded, and if you can survive the shots, youll be blown away by their expert marksmanship.

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